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I’ve been doing some research online into writing in residence. I’ve been looking at Arts Council website to find out more about the type of residencies they fund. There’s a really interesting and thorough article on the website about previous experiences of residencies.  Have a look here. It’s fascinating how varied past residencies have been, although I can’t seem to find any evidence of another residency project on a campsite! 

Started thinking about doing my own ‘mini-residency’, and thought about the idea of somehow exploring the situational response to location from both tourists and residents – using the idea of what Portscatho is to you, as well as opening our own eyes, as residents, to what is already around us that we overlook.

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Went up to Treloan to meet Annie for a chat and to have a look at the site and the project van.  I’m aiming to rework and finalise my proposal as soon as possible.  Annie explained to me more about how the project is going to work, and talked me through the process of applying for Arts Council funding.  She also mentioned about working towards a kind of handbook as an end publication, which will emerge from the various workshops and residencies taking place over the summer.  This could be another way to transmit my writing, by including a short story or poem in the book, althouh this would not be published until after my project deadline. 

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Other exciting news is that Alyson Hallet, author of The Stone Library will be poet in residence for a week in August, so it would be great to be able to speak to her and find out more about writing in residence and her experiences as a writer.

Having spoken to my supervisor, I am trying to hone my proposal in order to include more of own creative input and original research. Will be great to get started on the project once everything’s been approved. I’ve also been in contact with Annie and Mac, who have been really encouraging and helpful.

I’m wondering whether I could gear my research towards other Arts Council related projects involving writers in residence? I could talk to other writers and include interviews with writers who have been involved in similar projects. 

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