Cat Holman

My name is Cat Holman, and as part of my MA in Creative Writing through Manchester Metropolitan University, I am required to complete a Transmission Project.  This is an independent research unit which allows us to explore a specific area of the transmission of text, in order to produce a creative piece and an essay to explain the project.  My deadline for the project is Tuesday 29th September 2009.

I was particularly interested in looking at an area of writing that was relevant to my location and situation.  I live in a village in Cornwall, and felt that it would make most sense to research a context in which my writing might be able to flourish in the future.  So I began to do some research into local writing groups, magazines, festivals and events in order to get some inspiration.  Finally, I discovered that what I was looking for was right on my doorstep; I began talking to artists Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlop, who were developing Caravanserai, an arts residency project at my local campsite.  Go to About Caravanserai for more details.

I settled on Writing in Residence as the title for my project, and decided to take writing residencies as my point of research.  As part of this, I am setting up and planning my own writing residency, during which I will produce creative work and organise collaborative writing activites.  I am hoping that the residency programme will give me the opportunity not only to work on new writing, but also a platform for introducing my writing to other people. I am also researching the work of other writers in residence and host organisations, as well as the work of funding bodies such as the Arts Council.  If you have any experience of writing residencies, whether as a writer, a host organisation or as a participant in a workshop or community project, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me at