burning words

As part of Alyson’s week as writer in residence, Caravanserai held another Fireside event last night.  Since the first event during my week in residence, these weekly events have been growing, with more and more people contributing each time.  I love the way this project is inspiring people to try new things and learn new skills – I like to think of it as a kind of ‘word flu’ epidemic spreading through the village…

I took my fortune teller poem with me to read, and I also read Caravanserai again. I’m starting to enjoy sharing my writing with people; something I never thought I’d say after my first terrif-ied/-ying attempts! Alyson contributed a poem I particularly liked, about ‘the ghost ship in the bay’, that she’d started during her residency.  I’m so glad someone’s put something in words about these skeletons of ships that have been sitting off the village all through the summer. It was also very inspiring to hear work that’s fresh off the page and to get a feel for someone else’s writing process. We were very lucky to be joined by Cornwall based poets Caroline Carver and Penelope Shuttle and to hear Penelope read from their work.