I spent some time today up at Treloan going through the postcards that had been sent back to Portscatho during my residency. Debs has decided to keep the box up for now, so that people can continue to contribute their thoughts over the rest of the summer, which is great news.

Postcards posted to Portscatho

In the four days of my residency about a dozen postcards were posted, all completely different in their style, content and decoration. Several were accounts of holidays, or memories of past trips to Portscatho.  Two others used the word Portscatho to make acronyms or alliterative phrases; two were poems about their experiences on holiday. It was really nice to see how people had reacted to postcards with words printed on the other side. For example, an extract from Gerard Woodward’s August about the strangeness of tents and the weather was followed on the other side by a description of one family’s holiday in the rain. It might be nice to think about making a book or an album of some kind from the postcards sent in, and still to be received. Perhaps some kind of creative visitors’ book?