Annie, Alyson and I got together this afternoon and began work on making the poetry line into a windbreak, to be used at future fireside evenings and gatherings in the project field. Debs was keen for this to happen; really good to see positive lasting impact of residency. Annie and I also put some sails up in the project field – under canvas yet again.

the wordbreak

I also had a chance to chat to Debs about the project; it was great to hear that some of her campers are still writing postcards to Portscatho, and I had the chance to go through and re-read the postcards that had already been ‘sent’ back to the village.

Today was also a chance to talk over the project and my residency with Annie and Mac, and to show them a new poem I’d been working on that had sprung out of the residency.  Mac’s produced a collection of sound clips of conversations, bird song, recordings of readings, tent noises, the sound of rain which he’s hoping to use in a ‘sound tent’ installation on the campsite, and he let us listen to this over lunch.  Hearing all this together in one space really brought it home how much Caravanserai has achieved in such a short space of time.