Activities posters

When it came to deciding on writing activities around the campsite during my residency, I was still really keen to use the idea of postcards to Portscatho. In the end I felt that giving people stamped addressed postcards to write on and send back to me was not going to be feasible.  Not only would it become a big project in its own right, which I felt might not give me enough time for my own writing, but given the time constraints of my project and the costs of producing and printing postcards, I felt it would be better to focus on a more short term set-up.  In the end, I decided it would be best to use blank postcards, although to aim to include handwritten or printed extracts from poems and novels on some as a form of inspiration. 

Postcards by the sink

After speaking to Pete and Debs, I set up a postbox in reception, as well as canvas boxes to collect postcards from in reception and the main wash-up area, with instructions as to what to do.  I wanted people to feel free to write whilst having an idea of scope and theme, so I tried not to be too prescriptive with my instructions. Have a look here: Poster for postcards 

 I managed to use the fab printer in the van to print out some words onto the backs of postcards, which I then added to the blank ones already in the collection boxes. 

Poetry on postcards